Top 25 Legend of Zelda Soundtracks Of All Time

Zelda Soundtracks

Boy is Legend of Zelda is on another level entirely when it comes to awesome music, that very few games can match.  You can thank composer Koji Kondo for that.  Since 1984, he’s been churning out some of the most iconic, well-loved music tracks that have inspired countless others.

So it’s time we dropped the Master Sword, give Ganondorf a moments rest and catch up on what the young Hylian has been fighting, galloping and ocarina-ing to since 1986.

Let the nostalgia roll…

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10 Most Iconic Gaming Theme Tunes

Elder Scrolls Skyrim Dragonborn

They are the first thing that fills the air after our favourite games have started and sets us up ready.  They make you recall those games you love.  They become instantly associated with the games themselves.  So whether epic orchestras or electronic masterpieces, here’s some great iconic theme tunes to boost the volume for and get all nostalgic.

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