Top 25 Legend of Zelda Soundtracks Of All Time

Zelda Soundtracks

Boy is Legend of Zelda is on another level entirely when it comes to awesome music, that very few games can match.  You can thank composer Koji Kondo for that.  Since 1984, he’s been churning out some of the most iconic, well-loved music tracks that have inspired countless others.

So it’s time we dropped the Master Sword, give Ganondorf a moments rest and catch up on what the young Hylian has been fighting, galloping and ocarina-ing to since 1986.

Let the nostalgia roll…

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The Graphics Change; Star Fox 64; N64 vs 3D

Star Fox 64 3D Solar

I am a self confessed addict of the original Star Fox 64 (Or Lylat Wars as its called here in the UK). When Nintendo released a remake for the 3DS, I was very interested to see what the revamped version had to offer. Continue reading

Top 5 Curious Banjo Kazooie Development Facts

Banjo Kazooie Original

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Bomb-Omb Battlefield; Nostalgia Review; Super Mario 64

Super Mario 64 Bomb Omb Battlefield

The thought of entering a war-zone between bomb-ombs sounds great in practise. A golden introduction to Super Mario 64 and instantly recognisable, BOB in reality brought us short-tempered bomb-ombs that chase on sight, a raging chain-chomp and a myriad of rolling bombs. Continue reading