Top 25 Legend of Zelda Soundtracks Of All Time

Zelda Soundtracks

Boy is Legend of Zelda is on another level entirely when it comes to awesome music, that very few games can match.  You can thank composer Koji Kondo for that.  Since 1984, he’s been churning out some of the most iconic, well-loved music tracks that have inspired countless others.

So it’s time we dropped the Master Sword, give Ganondorf a moments rest and catch up on what the young Hylian has been fighting, galloping and ocarina-ing to since 1986.

Let the nostalgia roll…

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Wishing You A Merry Christmas! With Some Awesome Features In The Pipeline!

So we’ve survived a global apocalypse.  Phew, we can rest easy for a while!  Not that anyone believed the Mayans were onto something to begin with…

The last two months have been pretty crazy and with Christmas literally just around the corner, it’s time to give Tweedehands Games a break and start afresh in the New Year.

But there’s a whole slew of features coming your way, including a revamped website, possible name change, a YouTube launch and a flurry of mind-shattering articles heading your way.

So what can I say?  Make sure you check it out!

If you fancy a chat and want to keep in touch, head on over to my twitter @alextweedehands and drop me a message.  I love hearing from all of you so get talking!

Don your Christmas hat on, eat some mince pies and have a jolly Christmas and New Year.  See you all soon!


The Weekly Gaming Round-up; Awards, Delays and DLC Galore

Epic Crysis 3

The Christmas countdown is in full swing, with only 16 days remaining!  It’s been a hectic week in the world of gaming, with awards being handed out right, left and centre, delays across the board and DLCs to get your teeth stuck into.

So feast your eyes on the happenings in gaming this week

2nd December 2012 – 9th December 2012 (02/12/2012-09/12/2012)

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How to Reduce Lag Gaming On Line in 16 Simple Ways

Don’t we all hate lag?

But remember – the fact is that when you are playing a game there is a huge amount of data that has to go to the game server and back to the PC.  Inevitably, there will be times when some delay between the player’s actions and server will occur. When a game slows and freezes it isn’t operating to full capacity.

Help Keyboard

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The Colossal, Mind-Blowing Numbers of Halo 4 [Infographic]

Halo 4 has only been with us for two weeks. And my word, it’s racked up a crazy amount of phenomenally breathtaking statistics. So let’s get down to business and take a look at the impressive numbers that Halo 4 has yielded. Give yourselves a pat on the back!

Halo 4 Infographic

Thanks to 343 industries and Halo Waypoint for providing these statistics!

10 Most Iconic Gaming Theme Tunes

Elder Scrolls Skyrim Dragonborn

They are the first thing that fills the air after our favourite games have started and sets us up ready.  They make you recall those games you love.  They become instantly associated with the games themselves.  So whether epic orchestras or electronic masterpieces, here’s some great iconic theme tunes to boost the volume for and get all nostalgic.

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Fifa 13; 5 Tips for Trumping your Opponents


With Fifa 13 hitting the shelves just over a month ago, you will need to raise your game if you’re going to keep up with the top players.  With a bundle of new features and updates from Fifa 12, from the First Touch Control to the Complete Dribbling, mastering these new additions as well as honing the old elements is vitally important. Continue reading