Guest Post: Changes to Expect In The Future Of Guild Wars 2

Are you looking forward to new Guild Wars 2 content?

One of the great things about playing Guild Wars 2 is the excitement and hype that is built around new content and patches. It’s a great feeling to finally get to play a new area or class. So with this in mind, what can we expect from Guild Wars 2 in the future?

Guild Wars 2

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Video Games Teens Can Play With Their Folks

This is a guest post by Justin Taylor.

Many video games may be a touch too violent for parents to enjoy playing with their kids, but there are a number of family-friendly choices that can facilitate bonding and allow everyone to have a fun time on a family game night.

Family Gaming

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[Guest Post] Still a Need For Speed 18 Years On

nfs the run

18 years ago, the first ever version of Need for Speed was launched. Since then the series has gone on to become the most successful driving games ever and one of the most successful franchises of all time.

But what made the title so popular and what has kept it on top of the pile since?

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5 Christmas Gaming Gifts You’d be Insane to Miss

Dishonoured 3

This is a guest post by Vivienne Egan.  It’s not long until Christmas, so take a look at the gaming gifts that are going to be a sure-fire Christmas treat!

Buying for gamers can be hard work.  Chances are you’ll be adrift when it comes to choosing a Christmas gift for them, so we’ve collated a handy cheat sheet for those feeling out of their depth and like they might have a nervous collapse in the middle of your local computer store when it comes to finding a good present.

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Minecraft Review; A Starter’s Guide

Minecraft Setting

Guest Post by Aleksa Popovic.  You can find his Minecraft blog here

Minecraft is a special beast. If you have been living in a cave for the last few years, then you won’t know it is the popular, building based game developed by Swedish company Mojang that’s sold over 11 million units worldwide.

You would be forgiven to think you had taken a trip back to younger days fiddling with Lego sets. Minecraft is the ultimate sandbox experience. Build whatever you want, because the possibilities are endless.

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Guest Post; Review; PlayStation3 Move and 4 Compatible Games

PlayStation Move

This is a guest post to you by

Thе Sony PlayStation 3 Move іѕ реrhарѕ thе best motion sensor gaming platform іn thе market right now, offering thе best games fоr both the serious gamer аnd casual gamer alike. Continue reading