Guest Post: Changes to Expect In The Future Of Guild Wars 2

Are you looking forward to new Guild Wars 2 content?

One of the great things about playing Guild Wars 2 is the excitement and hype that is built around new content and patches. It’s a great feeling to finally get to play a new area or class. So with this in mind, what can we expect from Guild Wars 2 in the future?

Guild Wars 2

Class Balance Changes

The ArenaNet team have a pretty tough job trying to live up to the likes of Blizzard when it comes to balancing a game.

Luckily they have a great set of philosophies in place for making sure what they do is great. These concepts or philosophies will guide any future changes they will make to the classes, so let’s take a look at them.


The Guardian does have a few balance issues when it comes to how hard it is to take them down, so their thinking with the Guardian is to make them vulnerable to attack when they do not have their boons up. The Guardian will also have good melee damage like the Warrior.


Rangers will be a sort of all round type class, great damage output either at range or melee. The Ranger will also be able to adapt to different situations depending on their current pets.


Guild Wars 2 Warrior

ArenaNets stance on the warrior is that they want it to be a study powerhouse with decent melee damage and average ranged damage. Unlike other classes who can manipulate conditions, the Warrior will just have to use “raw force” to withstand them.


By using boons and other methods the Engineer can outclass most other classes in versatility. They don’t have a huge damage output, but they make up for it in their array of kits and their control of the battlefield.


It comes as no surprise that the Thief will be a slightly glass cannon type role. They will have a high single target damage output, whilst being able to evade certain attacks. If you want to be able to take people down one on one then this is the class for you.


The Mesmer is similar to the Thief in that they can cause a huge amount of damage and control, but if they lack their illusions they become extremely fragile. A Mesmer is probably the most fragile role you can play.


An Elementalist will be the most versatile class in the game, which does require a lot of skill to be able to use them effectively. If you want a challenging and highly rewarding class then the Elementalist will become that class. Note: They will be more versatile than the Engineer.


The Necro, along with the Guardian has the highest survivability of all the classes. They have the highest natural health, along with abilities to gain more health and to outlast other classes, they will excel in long fights.

Some Balance Thoughts For The Future

The main idea for ArenaNet is that there will be a triangle of three different roles and balancing those three is key. There is the, tank, spike damage, physical damage and condition damage. Each class fits into one of those roles and some into more than one.

Guild Wars 2

Another change the team are looking to make is to area of effect abilities (AoE). Currently they feel AoE is far too strong in PvP, especially for the low risk involved in pulling off certain AoE abilities.

So what would you like planned for the future?

This is a guest post by Robert Mehew.  If you like the look of his stuff, do yourself a favour and check out his Guild Wars 2 PvP tips!


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