Video Games Teens Can Play With Their Folks

This is a guest post by Justin Taylor.

Many video games may be a touch too violent for parents to enjoy playing with their kids, but there are a number of family-friendly choices that can facilitate bonding and allow everyone to have a fun time on a family game night.

Family Gaming


Dance Time

The days of playing video games by sitting on the couch are over. With motion-sensor equipment, today’s video games now get everyone off their seat and into the mix.

One of the most popular games available that tests your physical skills is Dance Party, available for the Xbox 360 and their Kinect mount, which records the movement of your body on the screen as a character.

Dance Video Game

Siblings can challenge parents to imitate dance moves ranging from classical swing to break dancing in their own living room.

Other games like Dance Dance Revolution require you to tap a pad with your foot in time to the music, creating a frenzied back and forth pattern sure to leave everyone sweating and laughing.

Race to the Finish

Whether you are an avid car enthusiast or you have never once broken the speed limit, there are a variety of racing games suitable for all ages and skill levels.

Mario Kart

Without a doubt the most popular one is Mario Kart Wii, a go-kart game complete with obstacles and items that you can use to speed ahead of the competition or lay traps to slow them down.

The Wii version of Mario Kart includes a steering wheel that allows you to control the kart in the same manner that you would a car, leaving everyone entertained by the jerking and swerving that allows you to get ahead.

Mario Kart can be played by four people simultaneously as you battle head to head or race down mountainsides, through city squares, or into crowded shopping malls.

The Family Band

Guitar Hero

Music games have exploded in popularity amongst all age demographics.

Rock Band allows everyone to come together and belt out the notes needed to perform a live-action set of their favorite songs, ranging from ‘60s rock to the top hits on the radio today.

Have two family members hoist guitars and tap out the chords, have a drummer who keeps time for everyone on the plastic drum set, and give someone the microphone to sing out the lyrics.

Half the fun is getting the notes wrong, so do not worry about how it sounds.

So what other games would you enjoy with your parents?


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