5 Surprisingly Addicting Aspects of COD: Black Ops II

Call of Duty Black Ops 2

This is a guest post by Dusty.

Black Ops 2 has been out less than a month and it has already taken a lot of criticism.

If you haven’t bought the game yet, still consider doing so. Despite the criticism, there have been improvements made it is still extremely addicting.

Everyone has a different play style but if you go through and try everything the game has to offer, you will find yourself spending a lot of time on certain parts of the game that you would not have thought would be so addicting when you first set out.

Hard-Point Nuketown 2025

I am sorry to mention Nuketown if you have not been able to download the map. You are indeed missing out on a great time. Nuketown is an adrenaline rush.

You don’t have to go looking to get back in the fight or get back to the objective when you die. You simple respawn and run for a few seconds and you are back in the action.

Playing Hardpoint in Nuketown cranks that action to awesome heights. For those of you who don’t know, Hardpoint is a game mode that challenges teams to hold certain positions and keep the opposing team out.

If you hold a position in nuketown unattested for more than 5 seconds the other team is probably sneaking around behind you.

Tip: Put on your flak jacket… You’ll be swimming in grenades every time you step foot in the Hardpoints in Nuketown.

Multiplayer Zombies

Black Ops 2 Zombies

I’ve not really been much of a fan of the zombie modes in past COD games. They were too closed in for me.

However, playing Black Ops 2’s zombie multiplayer on Tranzit mode is a different story.

The world is huge compared to past games and you can choose to travel to different regions in multiple ways and with up to an 8 person team, you can choose to take on the Zombies in just about any way you want.

Tip: Leave the annoying guy alone in the foggy areas.

Sticks and Stones

Black Ops 2

The last game type listed under party games is “Sticks and Stones.” If you haven’t tried this yet, don’t. You won’t be able to stop playing it for at least a few hours. You get a crossbow, a knife and an axe.

The crossbow bolts explode after a few seconds so you are constantly surrounded by small explosions. If you use the crossbow, it reloads after every shot, leaving you vulnerable. If you play like me however, you are sprinting non-stop with the knife in hand and meleeing everyone.

This may sound fun already, but it gets better. When you hit someone with the axe, which everyone is trying to do, it resets their points to 0.

That means you could hit someone 10 seconds before the round is over and even if they were in first place, now they are in last. When you get hit with an axe, you search for that person to do it back, and it devolves from there. Amazing.

Tip: Use the axe every time you have a clear shot.

Emblem Editor

The strangest addiction that comes with Black Ops 2 is the Emblem Creator.

If you go through any given list of players you are playing with, you will find a ton of creative emblems.

Then you go to the editor and realize that everything is very simple, meaning those creative emblems were made by piecing together a lot of shapes to create the masterpiece.

This is the point where you either pick a generic one or get sucked into making your own masterpiece. It’s worth it if you don’t spend more than an hour on it. I spent more than that…

Tip: While you are waiting for the next match to start, check out everyone else’s emblems!

Post Kill Trash Talk

Black Ops 2 Death

When you are playing in teams, you can only hear other players with mics on your team.

However, there is about a one second lapse after you kill someone that they can hear your or you can hear them.

Oh the things you can fit into that one second if you try. I’ve heard everything from laughter to screaming and everything in between.

I actually bought a headset (I had never bought one in the past) specifically when I found that out. It adds enough vindictive pleasure to keep me playing even the boring modes.

Tip: If you are killing the same player a lot, start counting your kills into the mic against them.

My name is dustyk278, clan is {Brew} on PS3. Dusty is a video game addict who also works with PMG.net, Inc on their enterprise service catalog.


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