The Weekly Gaming Round-up; Awards, Delays and DLC Galore

Epic Crysis 3

The Christmas countdown is in full swing, with only 16 days remaining!  It’s been a hectic week in the world of gaming, with awards being handed out right, left and centre, delays across the board and DLCs to get your teeth stuck into.

So feast your eyes on the happenings in gaming this week

2nd December 2012 – 9th December 2012 (02/12/2012-09/12/2012)

Call of Duty: Black Ops II keeps up it’s phenomenal success reaching $1 billion of sales in 15 days.  There’s no stopping the Call of Duty juggernaut at the moment!

Crysis 3 has a confirmed release date of 19th Februaryin the USA and 22nd February in Europe

Bioshock Infinite yet again keeps stalling on its release.  It will undergo an extra 4 week delay, with an expected release of  March 26.  A teasing short trailer is released though!

At the Spike Video Game Awards, Borderlands 2 won best shooter and multiplayer game, with the best action-adventure game going to Dishonoured.

The tropical nightmare of Far Cry 3 hits the shelves on 4th December to widespread acclaim.

Mammoth RPG Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim continues its great DLC releases, this one named Dragonborn.

Skyrim Dragonborn DLC

EU Nintendo Direct tease their new titles for 2013.  Featured are Pikmin 3, Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon and the Wii U, which was only released on the 8th December.

Darksiders 2 releases its third DLC, titled Demon Lord Belial

Darksiders 2 E3

My Favourites – Check out these brilliant posts!

A Visual History of Genres and Platforms by Jesper Juul, The Ludologist

Why? I particularly like the data on the different platforms.  It’s crazy to see the decline of arcade gaming from an array of different consoles, culminating to the dominance of the Iphone and Ipad today.  Such a good visual representation of the numbers involved!

This Year’s Biggest Shooters Remind Me Why Multiplayer Unlocks Suck by Patricia Herndandez, Kotaku

Why?  A really interesting post on the RPG elements that seem to dominate the first person shooters today.  It’s subduing the fairness, giving more experienced gamers a massive advantage.  On a non-FPS note, Assassin’s Creed has always bugged me with the necessity to level up to get the best abilities.  I wholeheartedly agree that beginners have their work cut out.

How Metroid Found Its Prime by Lucas M. Thomas, IGN

Metroid Prime Trilogy


Why?  The 10 year anniversary for such a badass game went through a lot of hard work to finally find its feet.  A superb analysis on the dilemma Metroid Prime faced when moving on from Super Metroid.

History Repeating: Do We Need Reboots to Franchises? by Reuben Mount, Zero 1 Gaming

Why? For all the talk about wanting developers to create something different and new, we all seem to despise when something they love gets altered.  An excellent example being the cel-shaded Wind Waker.  A really thought-provoking article on whether we it’s creativity that’s lacking or our own preference for the same.

Adaptation & Civilization by John Shafer, John Shafer on Design

Why?  A great in-depth study on abstraction within gaming, using the Civilization series as an example.  When does a more realistic viewpoint and in-depth game interfere with entertainment?

And finally, if you’re excited for what next year has to offer, check out this comprehensive summary of all the game releases of 2013.  Great stuff!

Stay tuned this week for more tantalising trailers, reviews and the science of gaming.  Phew!


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