How to Reduce Lag Gaming On Line in 16 Simple Ways

Don’t we all hate lag?

But remember – the fact is that when you are playing a game there is a huge amount of data that has to go to the game server and back to the PC.  Inevitably, there will be times when some delay between the player’s actions and server will occur. When a game slows and freezes it isn’t operating to full capacity.

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Some basic causes to lag are:

  • An old computer
  • Slow Internet speed
  • Bad wireless signal.
  • Excess features turned on, including sound effects and screen actions
  • Hardware or remote server issue

These are only a couple of features the processor struggles to deal with.  Depending on their remoteness, foreign gamers can have around half second delay.  Infuriating for all!

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No one wants a slow game, one you may possibly lose from lag!  So here’s our simple tips to reduce your lag when playing on line:

  1. While you are playing, close down any other programs. These programs are using up the power you need to play more efficiently.
  2. Make sure your computer has the requirements the game needs by upgrading, otherwise the computer will be slow in reading the data.
  3. If you are using a router make sure it is a good quality and the firmware is updated. Today, most router makers have firmware updates that are made for gaming.
  4. Connect your console or computer right to the router with an ethernet cable.
  5. Make sure your wireless router is close to your computer. The fewer the obstructions, the better the signal.
  6. You should defrag your computer’s hard drive on a regular basis.  Here’s a great guide to defragging your computer.  The most simple way to open the start menu, type ‘defrag’ in the search field, then ‘Disk Defragmenter’ and ‘Defragment Disk’ to start the cleaning.
  7. Add the game as an exception on the computers firewall. There are some firewalls that will block and put restrictions on games.
  8. You may want to invest in more RAM and get cable internet rather than DSL or satellite.  Check out Techradar’s brilliant guide here.
  9. If you have more than one computer in the house, make sure the other one is freed up.
  10. Use a dedicated server for your country.
  11. Start your game fresh with a boot up. This will clear your memory and clear the way for a new game sequence.
  12. Play your game when other players are off-line and avoid some areas that have a lot of players to increase power.
  13. Download Game Booster to speed your connection up
  14.  Try setting the games settings to low or 16 bits and setting the power to high.
  15. Make sure you do a virus check, which often slow your computer down without realising.
  16. Lower the graphics settings if there are any unnecessary features.

Try these simple tips and don’t let lag ruin your gaming experience on line!

This is a guest post by Relene Mac.


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