Total War: Rome II Trailer; Bigger, Badder and Bloodier Than Before


There’s not a lot of things more satisfying than leading a Roman Army into foreign lands and suppressing all futile resistance in a bloody battle.  Rome: Total War looked epic pretty darn good back in its day but fast forward nearly a decade and the second instalment looks to be bigger and better than ever before after confirmation back in July!

Quick Fire Rome: Total War Facts

  • Rome: Total War, was released back in 2004
  • PC real-time strategy game set in the Roman period from 270BC – 14AD
  • Developed by The Creative Assembly and published by Activision

Jaw-dropping Graphics

Rome Total War II Carthage

Stunning Sights in Carthage

One look at the trailer shows some stunningly beautiful graphics.  The city of Carthage looks vast and vibrant, with gorgeous water textures and expanses shown throughout the trailer.  It really highlights the huge acceleration in processing power to produce these gorgeous graphics.

The system requirements look to be extortionate  but The Creative Assembly have confirmed they are trying to have the same requirements as Total War Shogun 2.  It’s looking a hard task mind.

But rather than just some eye candy, the trailer seems to really focus on the nitty gritty of warfare.  The units look battle ready, with leaders inspiring others to fight.  The sense of realism is a welcome addition, providing a better sense of immersion within the battle.

Which brings us to the introduction of a new unit camera, which gives a close up view of the units.  Again, adding to the realism is great, but the larger picture of all the units and battles is the bread and butter of the game, not merely the close up of one guy going into battle.  It’s  a nice addition however.

The trailer looks pretty spectacular, but here’s some awesome screenshots to drum home how good they are.

The New Stuff

New features include the combined battles, allowing naval ships to greatly influence the outcome of battle.  This is a great feature which gives the player extra scope for attacking naval cities.  Likewise, it’ll also give you a major headache when the ships storm through the city.  Anything which provides extra food for though is also a good addition in a real-time strategy.

Rome Total War II Naval

Naval battles are going to be pretty intense

The variety of different ships could provide some great decision-making.  If introduced similarly to Age of Empires, which included demolition ships, galleons and fire ships which had strengths and weaknesses against one another, the range of battles possible would be very exciting.  Hopefully useful anti-naval weapons will be used as to not totally favour the navies.

Multiple breach point look set to be a prominent and much needed new feature.  The original seemed somewhat limited in breaching a city.  With this implemented, standing your ground against a multiple of onslaughts will surely be more tense and difficult than ever before.  My appetite is whetting!

A larger campaign map has also been confirmed, paving the way for extra factions.  For me, the Sabaeans (Modernly Yemen), Sarmatians (Modern Iran) and Illyrians, which covered much of the Balkan area.  Though I’m sure a whole host of different civilizations will be introduced.  One of the great things about Rome: Total War was the chance to play as a number of different civilizations, rather than just the juggernaut Rome.

Surely the Best Total War Period

They may have an overpowered civilization, but the Roman Period and Empire era is such a fascinating one.  Although the Medieval and Empire eras were great in their own right, there’s something about the ancient world of Rome and warfare which is simply compelling.

Whether it’s the celebrated leaders of names such as  Julius Caesar or Cleopatra, the blood-wrenching battles or it’s underlying presence in today’s society, it’s certainly one of the most popular eras of today.  Which is just one reason why the original Rome: Total War game was such a tremendous success.

Features RTW:2 I want to See!

  • Emerging factions getting their chance to shine.  Don’t let Rome completely dominate!
  • Better formation custom-ability
  • A return of the City Camera View.  It gave some great detail on the city buildings and watch the expansion and growth of your city back in the original and gave the city a more life-life appearance.
  • In-faction politics
  • Civil war if the city goes out of control
  • More diplomacy features – small civilizations shouldn’t be wanting to wage war against Rome randomly
  • A bigger campaign map that includes much of Africa, Asia and America
  • Temporary defences, including building garrisons etc
  • And finally, online please

A Long Wait Still…

Rome Total War II Naval

Just bide your time…

Did you know the game already contains 3 MILLION lines of code?  Wow.  And it’s is still in it’s pre-alpha stage, so there’s still a long way to go.  The expected release is the latter part of 2013. Check out this interview with The Creative Assembly team if you’re itching for more!  So until then, we’ll just have to sit tight.  When it’s here though, be ready for some gruesome battles of mind-blowing epicness, because the first impressions are top-notch!


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