Minecraft Review; A Starter’s Guide

Minecraft Setting

Guest Post by Aleksa Popovic.  You can find his Minecraft blog here

Minecraft is a special beast. If you have been living in a cave for the last few years, then you won’t know it is the popular, building based game developed by Swedish company Mojang that’s sold over 11 million units worldwide.

You would be forgiven to think you had taken a trip back to younger days fiddling with Lego sets. Minecraft is the ultimate sandbox experience. Build whatever you want, because the possibilities are endless.

But it is much more than an updated Lego set. It looks just about as old school as you can get, but don’t be put off the not-so-pretty design, because believe you me, it is much more than pretty graphics.

Minecraft Opening Screen

Minecraft is split into two main modes: Survival and Creative. Survival is your starter point, where you can scratch up on the basics.

Starting bare-handed, you must figure out how to survive the following days. That means you will need to get stuck into crafting if you plan on surviving any sort of time.

With crafting you combine different resources in new materials, making tools and weapons to keep you safe and allowing you to prosper.

Take the humble torch. Different creatures are likely to pounce during the night. Therefore, get some light and make sure you can actually see what’s about to kill you!

The most important thing is to learn how to make tools for a variety of different resources.

The most basic ones include:
• Axes to chop a variety of wood
• Picks to mine stone
• Shovels to dig anything on the ground, from dirt to sand!

Survival mode is the battle of the fittest. There a chance you’ll be killed, you will definitely feel hungry at some point and you must sleep.

Creative mode is great for online playing because there you have all resources available right at your fingertips.

Let your imagination run wild and you can build amazing structures with absolutely no resource collecting to disrupt your emerging Lego-styled empire. Just pick the objects you need, place them in your inventory and begin your own block adventure.

Many online servers use this Creative mode, where you will find whole teams coming together to create mind-blowing structures. Either choose your own spot or join an existing legion of block builders. But whatever happens, build until your hearts content!

Tweehands Games Minecraft

Personally, Minecraft has allowed me to meet great new people, making awesome structures with complete strangers. Your imagination really is the limit for what you can do. If there’s one thing I can recommend, get your account set up and begin building!


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