10 Most Iconic Gaming Theme Tunes

Elder Scrolls Skyrim Dragonborn

They are the first thing that fills the air after our favourite games have started and sets us up ready.  They make you recall those games you love.  They become instantly associated with the games themselves.  So whether epic orchestras or electronic masterpieces, here’s some great iconic theme tunes to boost the volume for and get all nostalgic.

10. Assassin’s Creed 2 – Ezio’s Family

Jesper Kyd absolutely nailed the vastness of ACII with this theme.  A perfect violin and vocal mix, with some stunningly simple but beautiful guitar work.

9. Goldeneye Intro Theme

It’s Bond.  It’s classic.  And it’s insanely good.  That first riff alone rekindles great memories of trigger happy times.

8. Metal Gear Solid Theme

SNAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAKE!  It really does remind you of being that stealthy badass.  Amazing song.

7. Elder Scrolls: Skyrim – Dragonborn

The booming choirs and subsequent string sections are exquisitely produced.    Thank you Dovahkiin, for spawning such a majestic piece!

6. Final Fantasy – Prelude

In some way shape or form, this song is usually present in the FF series and was the actual theme song for the I and IV instalments.  It’s definitely a great composition.

5. Halo theme

Iconic Halo.  Shame they took it out of Halo 4.  Usually played during those blood-pumping moments which I remember so fondly.

4. Pokemon Red/Blue Opening Theme

“Hello there.  Welcome to the world of Pokemon.  My name is Oak!  And this song will never leave my head!”

3. Zelda Theme

One of the greatest  gaming series of all time needs a classic soundtrack to resonate with.  This is certainly it.

2. Mortal Kombat Theme

Casting a brutally superb theme song since 1994.  Makes you want to roundhouse kick someone nearby.

1. Super Mario Bros. Theme

Surely the most famous of them all, it’s spawned thousand’s of covers and helping the Italian plumber reach unprecedented recognition.  Over 20 years and still going strong!

There are so many more other great, iconic gaming themes.  Which ones should I should have included?  Let me know!


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