Pikmin 3 Trailer; Rocky Pikmin, Floating Jelly Creatures and Nintendo’s Tampering Release

Pikmin makes mass extermination of critters fun. Hell, you could say its encouraging slavery. Despite what the politically correct brigade think, Pikmin 3 is going to be here in Spring 2013, if you can trust any dates that Nintendo released and it’s going to be absolutely awesome if it’s anything like the previous two.

It’s been a long time coming (8 years to be exact) since the second installation graced us with it’s flowery presence, but the E3 trailer released back in June really looks to be keeping to the tried and tested formula whilst adding a few neat extras in. Which is no bad thing. The fundamentals of Pikmin have always been great. The controls are simple, yet it is diverse dungeons and enemies that kept me playing.

And they look pretty darn awesome. The ever-present Bulborb seems to be annoying as ever, a cool-looking, floating jelly creature traps some Pikmin and an ice-like centipede (an Armored Mawdad for you Pikmin geeks) looks as if it will munch on practically anything.

So it seems you have to batter it with a new, oddly-shaped, rock Pikmin. Though it looks great on face-value, it seems to somewhat diminish the importance of the purple Pikmin. Chances are they won’t even there next time. A shame, as I enjoyed throwing those chubby things around, even if they did lag annoyingly behind while your majestic army gets destroyed by an Empress Bulblax.

Pikmin 2 Empress Bulblax

Those things really were the bane of my Pikmin career.

So all things going to plan, Pikmin will be one of the last games for the Wii launch window. A European spring launch seems less certain though.  We always seem to get the short straw…

A final word.  A pink, flying Pikmin.  What do you make of that?  Interesting possibilities, though certainly unlike the other Pikmin we’ve seen!  We’ll just have to wait until Spring, or maybe later.  Damn you Nintendo!


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