20 Awesome Halo Soundtracks You Need to Listen To

Halo 4

Master Chief is back and to commemorate his return, we look back at some classic Halo soundtracks.  Halo 4 has become the all-time best seller of gaming soundtracks for a good reason; they’re bloody good.

This is no surprise as the series has constantly churned out complex and unique pieces of music ingenuity that combined orchestral compositions with synthesisers trademark Halo Gregorian esque chants that fitted the tone of the game well.

Capturing the scores were the ever-present Martin O’Donnell and Mike Salvatori, who recorded all the compositions from Halo: Combat Evolved right through to Halo: Reach, before Bungie passed the baton on to 343 Industries.

Buckle your seatbelts, here are the Halo classics you’d want to hear on your Warthog radio. (It should have existed…)

Halo Soundtracks; Top 20

20. In Amber Clad – Halo 2 http://youtu.be/FD21I2tlEaM

19. Covenant Dance – Halo: Combat Evolved http://youtu.be/5fPFtDdqnJI

18. A Walk in the Woods – Halo: Combat Evolved http://youtu.be/t97u9qmgwN0

17. Out of Shadow – Halo 3 http://youtu.be/xrmIQXXbC8c

16. Under Cover of Night – Halo: Combat Evolved http://youtu.be/BSqm5Id6Hw0

15. Oni: Sword Base – Halo: Reach http://youtu.be/eM8V8B-_PPg

14. Epilogue – Halo: Reach http://youtu.be/Ng3nHdVRLDA

Halo Reach Epilogue Ending

13. Neon Nights – Halo 3: ODST http://youtu.be/Dcg0Im9F_JI

12. On a Pale Horse – Halo: Combat Evolved http://youtu.be/TcJuxkcXbkw

11. Truth and Reconciliation Suite – Halo: Combat Evolved http://youtu.be/Uta7ujswLUw

Halo Soundtracks; Top 10

10. Skyline – Halo 3: ODST

In the last three minutes, this track reeks epicness.  The drums give the song a strong beat and coupled with a couple of sweet guitar riffs, you have song to get any ODST pumped.

9. Reclaimer – Halo 2


Insane guitar solo from the off. Flood arrive on the scene. It’s going to be carnage.

8. Winter Contingency – Halo: Reach


Welcome Noble VI. Time to throw you in the deep end to welcome the Covenant with open arms. It finishes with the soundtrack and cutscene Engaged, containing a very satisfying punch to an Elite’s face.

7. Brothers in Arms – Halo: Combat Evolved


The song is featured on many parts of the game. And no wonder why; because it absolutely rocks, with some intense string sections. When it plays, ready your guns and prepare for battle.

6. One Final Effort – Halo 3


Halo 3 Warthog Run

“One final effort is all that remains.” The High Prophet didn’t envisage this epic song blaring as you speed through on your warthog past exploding panels, whilst the imminent destruction of the planet looms.

5. Blow Me Away – Halo 2

Gravemind level. Brutes, Hunter and Elites all in one room. Put this music on and leaving an alien trail of blood in your wake won’t seem so difficult. Thank goodness for Breaking Bengamin!

4. We Remember – Halo: Reach

The original was played in the background of the Dr. Halsey’s speech at the end of Reach.  This version is even better.

It’s time for the hotly debated top 3.  It’s getting tense…

3. Unforgotten – Halo 2

This piece features on the Halo 2 menu, High Charity and was subsequently remade for the Halo 3 soundtrack as Never Forget.  Talk about a change of tone, this song was both emotional and brilliantly composed.

2. Difference for Darkness – Halo 3: ODST

When you first hear this song on Halo: ODST, it sets the scene for a completely different game.  No longer are you Master Chief, the ultimate killing machine.  You’re not so invincible anymore.  And when the whole of New Mombassa is swarming with covenant, a more subtle approach at the death of night is necessary.  The song sets the tone brilliantly.

1. Halo Theme: Mjolnir Mix – Halo 2

Have theme songs ever been so so good?  Steve Vai works his magic again and what results is an composition both grand and  exhilarating in equal measure.  When you think of Halo music, this inevitably is one of the first soundtracks you’ll think of.  And for good reason.

Over to a New Era…

The Halo series has provided us with some spectacular soundtracks and all games can boast a great collection of songs.

Personally, the Halo 3: ODST soundtrack was superb and definitely my favourite.  The songs linked very well and provided tremendous atmosphere to the more stealthy approach required in the game.

Which soundtrack was your favourite?  Which songs are your best-loved ones? Maybe you disagree with my selection entirely, not that I can please everyone!


11 responses to “20 Awesome Halo Soundtracks You Need to Listen To

  1. Yeah, it’s produced some classic music for sure. The fact that all the soundtracks sold very well just shows how good the music is.

    I absolutely loved ODST soundtrack, it had a nice blend of softer, subtle songs combined with some pretty hard-hitting tracks (Difference for Darkness and Neon Night to Skyline and Finale). Like I said in the article, it just suited the game really well!

    • Yeah that song is such a great piece. Really gets you pumped!

      Thanks for sharing that, they’ve done some other good pieces haven’t they? I recall them doing a Elder Scrolls: Oblivion cover which I enjoyed. Can’t think of any others off the top of my head!

      • Yeah they did, they did 2 albums actually and both had an elder scrolls one. The first one had the Oblivion theme and the second one had the theme that come’s on when you’re exploring, which is absolutely lovely. You should check out the albums, loads of good music on them. “The Greatest Video Game Music”.

        • Ah yeah, the other Elder Scrolls song is Far Horizons. I think I’ll like their second album even more – Portal, Luigi’s Mansion, Assassin’s Creed, Wind Waker. And on a non-gaming note, they’ve even done a whole James Bond album. Great effort!

  2. Yeah definitely dude, they make it sound really good. Haha, I had the portal song they did as my alarm for a while, great way to wake up in a morning. Hope you don’t mind that I linked this post in a draft I’m writing of awesome video game music. I’ll remove it if it’s a problem. Cheers!

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