Trailer; Paper Mario: Sticker Star 3DS; Paper Progression?

After completing the original Paper Mario just a few short weeks ago, I stumbled upon the new Paper Mario: Sticker Star for the 3DS. I absolutely loved the original and found the quirky script and gameplay intriguing, so I was interested to see how the Italian plumber was faring in his new outing.

I’m glad they’ve got back to the turn-based system over the platformer style Super Paper Mario. Paper Mario was built on an RPG element and the various power ups and skills you get to use by levelling up really makes you fight those extra battles. They were really enjoyable as well, especially the boss battles, which required quick reactions as well as a tactical mind.

The story that pretty much resembles the other Paper Marios’, Bowser goes into overdrive, captures Peach, flings Mario into no-man’s land. Epic quest through numerous worlds starts. Its a tried and tested formula that has served Mario well, but what really defines a Mario game is how the game plays and peculiar characters you meet.

That’s why I was slightly disappointed that the partners haven’t made a return. I really enjoyed the different aspects of each character in the first Paper Mario (Sushie was my favourite, what a hero!) and RPGs with lone rangers don’t seem to work so well than with a buddy to work alongside.

Despite this, the sticker concept seems pretty sound, even if it is just a redesign of badges, extra moves and a load of power ups.

One thing though. What is going on with that goat!?


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