The Graphics Change; Star Fox 64; N64 vs 3D

Star Fox 64 3D Solar

I am a self confessed addict of the original Star Fox 64 (Or Lylat Wars as its called here in the UK). When Nintendo released a remake for the 3DS, I was very interested to see what the revamped version had to offer.

Despite being well received, but did not change much from the original. What caught my eye the most was how much graphics have improved since Star Fox 64 was released, back in 1997, to Star Fox 64 3D, in 2011. An age difference of 14 years, but what a difference it makes!

The new graphics look slick, giving bland enemies a new lick of colour and making them look more threatening. Explosions look crisp and fiery, rather than the mundane ones I was accustomed to. The bosses also look like they could rip the Airwing to shreds at a moments notice.

Just look at Solar. That’s a pretty sweet looking, sweltering hot, lava background right there.

I was very impressed, even more so considering its on a handheld console!

Just think what will be on offer in another 14 years time! The rapid development of technology and graphics is immense. Modern games can have their faults, but I look forward to what they have to offer in the future.

It’s a crazy world we live in…


4 responses to “The Graphics Change; Star Fox 64; N64 vs 3D

  1. Graphics can only go so far. Once we get to a certain level it’s reliant on what screen you got as well as processing power. Eventually all games using realistic graphics will start looking samey. Some already starting to get that bland realistic look. StarFox is one of the safer titles because they can stylise that a bit. The future is really going to come down to gameplay side of things. In 14 years time you could well be asking what type of control would be best for StarFox (some are now) as opposed to thinking how much prettier it might look.

  2. A very good point made. I think the continuous improvement in graphics is great, but like you say, if that’s all games strive for then and reach the best graphics they can be, then other factors will start to take effect.

    I do think we put too much emphasis on graphics; maybe we’ll go the full circle and start to appreciate 2D games or games from older generations as modern games start to decrease in quality. Or maybe virtual reality type gaming will take off. It’s all exciting anyway!

    Back to the article, I think the graphics improvement is exciting, but like you state, the way you play the games even more so. Thanks for the input anyway!

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