Fifa 13; 5 Tips for Trumping your Opponents


With Fifa 13 hitting the shelves just over a month ago, you will need to raise your game if you’re going to keep up with the top players.  With a bundle of new features and updates from Fifa 12, from the First Touch Control to the Complete Dribbling, mastering these new additions as well as honing the old elements is vitally important.

Here are our 5 tips to help you along your way to becoming a Fifa champ.

Contain is King

Keeping your shape is all important when facing an attacking onslaught.  The easiest way to counter this is to contain the opposition, only pressing when they have reached the edge of the area.

Most of the goals will come from inside or just outside the box, so it makes sense to protect these areas and let your opponent have the ball in less threatening areas.

Keeping your shape means patience, so don’t even think about double pressing your opposition where its not needed; only do so when you can force him into a mistake by closing down more space.


Remember, keep your shape and slow the play down! Here are some other good defending tips to help you on your way

Don’t Spam the Run

The First Touch Control overhaul means that if you hold the sprint button before receiving the ball, a touch that Robbie Savage would be ashamed of ensues, resulting in an easy snatch.  Use the sprint sparingly so when you do use it, you’re opponent won’t simply be expecting you to waltz by on the outside.

Though in contrast, if you do have a speed merchant in your ranks (Mr ‘I’m holding out for £100,000 because I’m a greedy so-and-so’ Walcott), then usually the best course of action is clearly to get your player out wide and squeeze the run trigger.  At worst you will get a throw in and a platform to build a decent attack.

Use the sprint occasionally to change the pace of the play and beat the defender for pace.

Play to your Team’s Strengths

It sounds simple, but playing the way your team is set up usually results in better performances.  A huge punt from your goalkeeper might be satisfying, but if its 5’6 Messi up front, then not much is going to come of it.

Be tactical!  If you’ve a heading monster up front, then chip some crosses his way.  Likewise, if you’ve got a midfield maestro in midfield, make sure your killer through passes go through him.


It sounds common sense, but in the heat of the game, tactical blunders are usually customary.  If you aren’t playing to your strengths, then change your formation or players, or better yet, change the team you play with!

Get any advantage possible!

Abuse that Counter Attack

The counter attack is yet again overpowered and with a front line of quick, skilful strikers, you can turn defence into goals in a few short moments.

The counter attack is even more effective this year as full backs bomb forward to the penalty area, leaving wide areas exposed.

Fifa 13_Dribbling

What does this entail?  Pressure your competition into a mistake by sitting deep and frustrating the opponent into throwing too many players forward.

When you steal the ball from your rivals grasp, look to spray it wide as soon as possible and drive into space with your speedy players.  Make use of lofted through balls and make sure you hit the through pass into plenty of space for your players to attack.

Counter attacks are deadly in Fifa 13, as you can see in this video, so setting your team up for a speedy counter is a solid strategy to use.

Tiki-Taka Does the Talking


When a lengthy spell of possession arrives, its time to pull out those sharp, quick one-two passes which are a nightmare to defend against.

With a much-improved AI that actually gives the players’ some sort of footballing brain, looking for those acute passes becomes a great possibility for opening up space behind the defence to run onto or in front to unleash a long range strike.

Using the LB/L1, the player continues his run behind the defenders.  Great if you’re coming up against a slow or bad defender.  However, you can also look to involve a third player.

By using a third player, more defenders are dragged out of position, as they go to press the extra attacker.  The first player still continues his run, giving him more space to work with and ultimately better opportunities.

Look for the triangles also to keep possession in tight areas, making sure you have good passers to give crisp passers that drag defenders all over the place.

We’ll be Singing, when we’re Wining

Use the range of tips mentioned to keep your opponent guessing and on his toes.  A predictable foe is easy to deal with, so make sure you have an arsenal of attacking and sound defensive options to make life tough for whoever dares challenge your Fifa skills.


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