Halo 4 Launch Trailer; The Forerunners are Awakening; And Looking Lethal

It’s not long till Halo 4 is hitting the shelves; 6th November to be precise. A few days ago, the Halo 4 launch trailer was released and fans around the world were left quivering in excitement as the Forerunners took the fore. No pun intended there of course…

In fairness, 343 Industries have made the enemies bigger, better and infinitely more badass than before. Everytime Master Chief strolls in, there seems to be some crazy Forerunner pinning him to the ground and looking every inch an enemy that would rip his head off. I can’t wait to finally spill some forerunner blood as they definitely look a different beast when compared to the Covenant species of old.

With some slick new graphics and intense cutscenes, its looking like Halo 4 will revive the series, where the quality of games has been somewhat diluted since Halo 3 and the following smaller project games. Here’s hoping Halo 4 will be back with a bang!

To think of how much Halo has changed in a little over a decade is pretty staggering. I can remember watching the original Halo trailer and even then, it looked like kicking some serious butt, with the Pillar of Autumn being shot down and Master Chief causing mayhem on the Warthog. Not much has changed in that sense! Too see just how much Halo has changed, head over to my Blood Gulch article for some nostalgic memories!

So What do you think of the Forerunner species? Better than the Covenant or just all style and no substance? Leave your thoughts below!


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