Bomb-Omb Battlefield; Nostalgia Review; Super Mario 64

Super Mario 64 Bomb Omb Battlefield

The thought of entering a war-zone between bomb-ombs sounds great in practise. A golden introduction to Super Mario 64 and instantly recognisable, BOB in reality brought us short-tempered bomb-ombs that chase on sight, a raging chain-chomp and a myriad of rolling bombs.

Star 1: Big-Bomb Omb on the Summit

Super Mario 64’s way of easing you in gently, this first star involved trudging up the mountain and running obliviously into some magically respawnig bombs until you finally met the King of the Bomb-Ombs. With some slack footwork, running around the back ‘Bowser style’ and launching him to his death was not too difficult. Spare yourself the embarrassment of not getting caught and thrown into oblivion and only 119 stars remained when finished!

Star 2: Footrace with Koopa Troopa

Koopa the Quick struggled to live up to his name. With 90 seconds to dash to the mountain top, long jump abusing was in order, as well as the warps in the flower field and the side of the mountain. No wing caps or cannons or Koopa would cry foul and refuse you the star, though the amusement gained from cheating your way to the top usually compensated.

Star 3: Shoot to the Island in the Sky

Super Mario 64 Bomb-Omb Battlefield Wing Cap

Open the cannons, jump into the stone raised cannon soar onto the tree on the floating island, open the ! box. Done and dusted. Or you could figure out any other imaginative way to get the star, though cannoning on the island itself usually resulted in Mario nose-diving off and gaining a sore head in the process. Puzzling why they took this star off the DS version…

Star 4: Find the 8 Red Coins

The dreaded 8 red coins; forcing you into all kinds of exploration that you could really do without. Whether they’re staring you in the face (the one by the moving platforms springs to mind) or require you to perform some crazy stunt act, they usually result in somehow falling off the level. Luckily, the Bomb-Omb Battlefield ones are fairly simple and only require minimum searching. Phew!

Star 5: Mario Wings to the Sky

Finally, some sort of challenge! With the Wing cap in possession, getting onto the gravity defying island shouldn’t be too much of a problem. Cannoning out, controlling yourself in flight mode was both enthralling and nerve-racking, especially when the flashing wings on your hat warned of your imminent drop to death. Hit the coins-in-the-middle-of-the-other-coins for mission complete. Though you can do this without the wing cap, I have never tried and don’t think I have the time to try!

Star 6: Behind Chain Chomp’s Gate

Super Mario 64 Bomb-Omb Battlefield Chain Chomp

To tie up the final star, ground pound Chain Chomp’s pole three times and he flies off to live happily ever after. It sounds simple and it was, though I never seemed to be able to get the hang of it before I got handed a metal head butt.

And lastly, it had the most catchy bomb-omb voice riff known around!

So that’s Bomb-Omb Battlefield! It was a great opener for Super Mario 64; cruising on koopa shells, hiking up bomb-heavy mountains, flying coin-infested skies. SM64 was a pioneer of grand 3D levels and this one really nailed it.


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